by Hopeless Otis

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Joe Dorane - vocals/guitar
Larry Spahn - bass/vocals
The Edward Kalinowski - drums/vocals/mandolin

This record is about overcoming things. Think of it as a crash course in becoming unbreakable. Bad news: you got problems. Good news: your problems don’t define you, the way you deal with them does. Fear can cripple you but it can also motivate you. These songs are meant to tell you motivation is the better option.

All songs written by Hopeless Otis © 2016
Recorded/mixed/mastered by Steve Leighton
at Sheep Pasture Music Studios in East Setaukett, NY


released April 8, 2016

We would like to thank: Mark and Elizabeth Kalinowski for letting us make noise in their basement for too many years, Lyz "Candy Apple Red", Jukebox Romantics, ENZIGURI, Science Club, Taking Back Queens, Uninspired Records, Paul & Steve from The Stroll Podcast, Matt, Talia, Parker, Kevin, Oscar, Aimee, & Ludo



all rights reserved


Hopeless Otis New York

From New York City, aiming to bring back positivity to punk rock.

for booking inquiries email: hopelessotis@gmail.com


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Track Name: Bukowski
raise your hands above your head
i know it’s not what you wanted
but it’s what you needed right now
we gotta get rid of these god damn ghosts somehow
we can wake the dead or just stop acting like them instead
heartaches and broken limbs wont help you forget
what you need to forget right now
we gotta get rid of these god damn ghosts somehow

find something that you love and let it kill you
let it rip you apart

you’re always, you’re always gonna be making money for
somebody else
you’re always, you’re always gonna be working for somebody else

and i don’t know about you
but i’m sick of this personal hell

it’s bad enough to bea walking clone of a human being
a blank stare on a friday night
it’s not what i need it’s not what you need right now
we gotta get rid of these god damn ghosts somehow
Track Name: Waves
what happens when, what happens when
you celebrate life instead of death
start measuring success by your own standards
not your friends
there’s a coward inside us all getting so psyched up
staring at the wall
and i don’t know if i can control that son of a bitch at all

you said you wanted to live forever trust me
it’s the world’s most ill-advised endeavor
but if you manage to defy science, retain all your cartilage
and your bones never break please come back for me
and pull me out of the fucking ground

it all comes to you in waves, ones and twos and threes
it all comes to you, it all comes to you in waves

you know i find it so damn sad
when you let your freak flag fly at half mast.
but if everything is gonna be the death of you
whats gonna happen when your finally through

sometimes these names are written on the insides of our hearts forever and sometimes they get scratched out

i know what you said but i don’t wanna feel like a chump no longer
Track Name: My Fighting Weight
gravity is laughing at you on your way down
are we dumb enough to fall for it a second time around
you played the victim for so long you finally became one
i’m sorry i don’t know what that’s like
we complain about the future, we bitch about the past
nothing about that seems right

who’s been cutting you up again? is it them?

are they stronger than me? am i crazy enough to try?
i went down at the drop of a hat last time
not gonna let it ruin my life
will we admit defeat way before we fuck this up
hating everything they told us that we would become

i can see forever into the future
it don’t look good for you and me
i can see forever into the future
and it don’t look good for anybody
but this time aroundlets keep our hearts closer to our mouths
not buried in our chests
this time around lets not just be excuses for human beings
let’s do our god damn best because i wanna know

without excuses we could make this
the kind of world we want to live in
Track Name: Brains
sometimes some nights feels like they got our brains on ice
veins locked up so tight constricting the ones we love
any head start is a work of art
so when i leave i’m taking you with me
and i’m raising this glass for you
here’s to your sorry past and your shitty future too

you’re never born
into a mess big enough that you cant clean up.
and if struggle means change i’m on my hands and knees
because it’s taking everything
i always wanted the best out of you
because these are the lives we can’t afford to lose

i’m gonna turn these nervous shakes
into the best dance moves you’ve ever seen
hey brooklyn i’m waiting for when this is all over
you can retire our guitars on the celing of the Barclays Center
Track Name: Cool Guys
Track Name: The Longest Century
we all wanna breathe something that’s not dirt
so keep your head above water and pray it don’t hurt
some things you know and some things you don’t
and once you know that it’s easy to cope
we can make mistakes on our own
with no help from you

this is gonna be the longest century without you here
but that’s not what i fear the most because i know
we’ve spent enough time on our own

yeah here comes death, he sure looks bold
but to defy him is bolder than you know
i know what you think, it’s not what you think
i never get tired i never get weak
you’re making up these problems in your mind
and i won’t subscribe

when your problems seem to pile up for weeks on end
you can bury them deep down in the dirt again
but for once in our lives lets not just say we tried
let’s do it right, lets fucking do it right this time

let’s do it god damn right
Track Name: FWYN
the air around us got so thick so quick
i heard the pain in your voice on the phone
scraping the paint off the god damn walls i know
what happens next could be anybody’s guess not mine
i like to coast through the timeline and see what i find

are they putting the squeeze on you?
are they shaking you down?
watching your every move they know
folks like us don’t fuck around
we dream in the daytime
because our nightmares don’t stay nightmares at night
they are the stupid thoughts that pile up for miles in your mind

what kind of people have been hanging in your tightest circles
how many enemies have you been sharing your bed with lately
if there’s a cause to join i want to join this one
and cut out our tongues because god damn we’ve had enough

you want the kind of love that stands
defenseless in defiance
i want the kind where you never have to
think twice about it
fucked up with a faded heart.
wrong moves false starts
the endless repeating between
what you need and what you want

who’s gonna fuck with you know
i never wanna know how much further we gotta go
Track Name: Say It Again
i know what you want to say
we don’t have to die this way
but i know what you really mean
we don’t have to live this way
searching out their frequencies
finding out our enemies
i know you’re sick of silent victories
and these loud defeats are killing me

i know what you think. i’m not that easily replaced
but fuck it, i’m out of ideas

say it again, i want these words ringing out in your head
say it again, anything that’s broken can always be fixed

the best years of your life could be in front of you or behind you
man i think that’s bullshit, but you can look at it like this:
grab every good moment and strangle the shit out of it
it just makes sense

my heart can’t afford the rent that they raised up in my chest
all my life you know i tried to truly live not just survive
Track Name: Don't Get Tired
oh shit it’s a setup
they got us right where they wanted us
and i can see the scratch marks in the brick walls
where they cornered us last time
don’t they know we don’t break so easy
these are the moments where we define ourselves

and all these things we’ve been afriaid of will learn
to be afraid of us
we are broken humans trying to correct all of this

and after all these things we fought for
we don’t get tired anymore
we will stay louder for longer
we don’t get tired anymore

this is the kind of focus that comes
when you come to grips with all of your fuck ups
and i know it’s easy to get down on yourself
and i know it’s hard to ask for help

how much more bullshit can you take before
we all start choking
how much more bullshit can you take before
these heads start rolling
Track Name: Lynchpin
how long have we waited on breath that was bated
how long does it take to feel again
i wanna know what to do when i can’t follow through
and i’m just piling up excuses
but if the planets don’t align and nobody takes a side

we’re gonna have to sort this shit out on our own
how many vices does it take to stay alive

if motivation is something you build up from nothing
baby, we’re in debt already
i think i got the strength to take on everything
but sometimes everything gets heavy
these are the places that i wanna be
and these are the people that i wanna meet so

and i hope you got the thickest of skins
for any situation that you find yourself in
remember the last time you trusted your gut
and wound up on top?
i wanna feel like that forever i don’t want it to stop

if you’re gonna prove anything to anyone
you’re always a somebody to someone